Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Webinar?
If you need an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to get educated on relevant industry topics and current trends, then WEBINARS are for you! Webinars are interactive, educational seminars presented via the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection and your computer speakers to join the Webinar for a live presentation or for an archive. Audio, video, slide presentation, polling questions and Q&A sessions give attendees an interactive communication experience, much like that of a live event.

What is the difference between a live webinar and an on-demand webinar?
A live Webinar is only available at the time and date listed, this is the initial broadcast of the webinar, which is being recorded, during which you will hear the live presentation and be able to ask questions of the presenter at the end. The recording is then archived and made available on CE Campus for 12 months, to view at your convenience.


We recommend testing your system prior to any live webinar to avoid any issues that might prevent you from joining the live webinar. Test your system hereAdditional computer tips can be found here

What system requirements are needed to view a webinar?
You will only need a computer with an Internet connection and speakers. You can check out specific requirements and test your system here.


Why am I getting a "User already logged in" error message?
This most likely cause of this is a second attempt to login after a pop-up or script blocker has prevented the event window from opening. Please try waiting up to 1 minute then try logging in again. For other possible resolutions, please go here and select the browser you’re using at the bottom of the page.

The system check is stuck on Port Connectivity
If you are experiencing problems with port connectivity, it may be due to the configuration of your company's network. Certain firewall configurations can prevent the port connectivity from functioning properly.  Please run the port connectivity test to make sure you are passing at least one test - Show Me.

If you continue to have port connectivity issues, contact your network administrator.

What if I don't have computer speakers?  Is there a number that I can call?
Unfortunately, there is no phone number to listen to BNP Media Webinars. However, since you can access this event wherever you have an Internet connection, you will be able to login and view the event from any computer with the proper requirements.


What if I need help during the webinar?
A technical help link will be available on the event console or you can enter a question in the "submit a question" box. You can also email where someone will be able to assist you during the event.  
Still not working?  Please contact us at the following link: Technical Support



Where and when can I login to the live webinar?
To access the webinar, please login with your email address 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar.  You will need to be at a computer connected to the Internet. We will also be sending out an email to all registered attendees 15 minutes before the start of the webinar, at which point you can login.

What if I registered, but due to scheduling conflicts, I am unable to attend the live event? 
The Webinar archive will be available for viewing for 12 months. Within 48 hours of the live event, you will receive an email that the archive is available and can be found at the same web address as the live event.

How do I submit questions to the presenter(s)?
While viewing the Webinar, there will be a place to type your question. Once submitted, the presenters will address audience questions during the Q&A session. If time runs out and your question does not get answered, every effort will be made to follow-up in an email after the Webinar.


How can I download a copy of the presentation? 
The Webinar archive is available for 12 months from the date of the live event. During that time you can login and view the Webinar whenever you like.  Within the Webinar console, you can download a copy of the presentation and a handout of the quiz.


How do I receive a certificate of completion?
To receive a certificate of completion, you must read the full article or view the entire webinar, complete the quiz, and pass with an 80% or better. A certificate of completion will be available for download following the quiz. If you are not automatically redirected to the certifications page, select "My Credits" in the top right of the page to view your completed courses certificates. You will need to be logged into your CE Campus account to access the quiz.

How is my credit reported? 
For non-AIA members, please submit the event to your state licensing board. It is up to each individual to verify that a given course is approved. For AIA members, the event will be reported to AIA for you. Please see the Credit Information page on credit reporting information.


Can a group watch the webinar and all receive credit? 
Yes, but also be sure to record your attendance in case of an audit. Our records only capture the attendance of the individual who registers for the Webinar. For AIA members, or those who want to receive their own certificate of completion, each person will need to login to their own CE Campus account and take the quiz to receive a certificate of completion and to have their credit reported to AIA. We also recommend you keep a physical attendee sheet for auditing purposes.

Can I earn credit from watching the on-demand version of a webinar? 
Yes, it is exactly the same as the live version.


Why isn't my credit showing up on my AIA transcript?
Credit can take 4-6 weeks to appear on your transcript. If this time has passed, please email to find out the status of your credit. You may not have passed the quiz with an 80% or better or supplied your AIA member number. If neither of these issues are the problem, you will have to follow up with AIA directly to find out the status.



Problem:  I'm trying to take a course using Internet Explorer and I'm getting an error that says "Error: you must be logged in to take this quiz", but I'm already logged in.

Solution:   This is caused by your browser security settings, here's how to fix the issue:

Step 1

Open up Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu. Select 'Internet Options' as shown in fig. 1.


Step 2

  1. In the 'Internet Options' window click on the 'Security' tab.
  2. Click on the green 'Trusted Sites' checkmark
  3. Click the 'Sites' button

Step 3

  1. Type into the 'Add this website to the zone:' field
  2. Click the 'Add' button
  3. UNCHECK the 'Require server verification...' checkbox.
  4. Click the 'Close' button

Step 4

  1. Click the 'Default level' button
  2. Click the 'Apply' button

















Step 5

  1. Click the 'Privacy' tab at the top of the Internet Options window
  2. Click the 'Default' button
  3. Click 'OK'

You should now be able to take the quizzes!

Still not working?  Please contact us at the following link: Technical Support